Saltwater: Music to Fly


Today is Christmas Eve.

I spent a good two hours at the gym running the cross-trainer and working the machines.

The last ten minutes was treadmill time.

Depending on the music, the treadmill means chilling out, speeding up, or FLYING.

Yes, you can lift off from a tread mill—and today was flying time for me.

I have listened to this song many, many times, and every time I completely forget the world around me.

The song’s name is Saltwater by Chicane, with vocals by Máire Brennan.

Do you remember the last time you rode a chairoplane at a country fair or theme park?

If the ride was a good one, you didn’t want it to stop. You wanted it to go on forever.

It made you feel like you were flying. No, you really Were Flying!

This is what Saltwater does. With Saltwater I can fly.

Saltwater is trance music from the heydays of Techno clubs. The song was released in 1999, and it is an absolute master piece of its genre.

Listening to it I never want it to stop. It goes for almost 10 minutes, and when I think “NO, I don’t want it to end,” “I want him to give me another round,” Chicane gives me another round of shivering.

And when it finally stopped after 9:49 I wasn’t done, so I played it one more time.

To listen to this, you want headphones or earbuds, so you can crank it up—and LIFT OFF.

Merry Christmas.

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