About Us

At NoisyWorld, we develop and reviews tools, gadgets and techniques to reduce and preferably even eliminate the negative effects of noise.

We do our best to remove noise, unwanted sound, from our environment. It disrupts our sleep and work, poses a risk to our hearing, or simply annoys us.

But – there is also wanted sound, sound that can help us sleep, improve mental performance, counter the effects of noise, or make us happy.

So by the same token, at Noisy World we also investigate tools, gadgets, and techniques with which you can use sound to improve your well-being, happiness, and performance.

We focus on solutions to noise problems and enhancing well-being rather than listing product features. This is where we get our excitement and you get good advice.

When we haven’t yet found a solution, feel a tool or technique doesn’t solve the problem it claims to, or believe there isn’t a solution we will tell you as we see it.

Noise can:

  • Damage your hearing,
  • Reduce your mental and physical performance as a professional or student
  • Disrupt your sleep
  • Increase your heart rate and evoke a stress response
  • Interfere with your communication
  • Annoy the heck out of you

Sound can also:

  • Increase your well-being and happiness
  • Help you study and work
  • Boost your mental and physical performance
  • Inspire you and make you more creative
  • Help you sleep
  • Calm you down
  • Help you meditate
  • Mask unwanted noise
  • Mask tinnitus

Welcome to NoisyWorld!

If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us here.